In Memoriam
José Carillo passed ways in March 2021
On Monday, March, 22, 2021, our beloved colleague, Professor José (Pepe) Carrillo passed away after fighting with cancer the last years. He was full professor at the University of Huelva, and mentor of many researchers. He participated in every ERME conference since the first meeting in Osnabrück.
He participated and led Working Groups related to teachers’ knowledge and professional development. His work on mathematics teachers’ specialized knowledge inspired many researchers. He leaded a Spanish-speaking international research network on mathematics teachers’ knowledge. Pepe was not only a great researcher, but also a humble, smiling and kind person, who transmitted to each of his students and colleagues, the relevance of communication, cooperation, and collaboration.
ERME Awards in 2022
ERME launches two new awards for papers and posters in 2022
The board of ERME has decided to launch two new awards, the ERME Paper Award and the ERME Poster Award. The paper award is especially oriented towards young researchers, while any author of an accepted poster can be a candidate for the poster award. More details are available here:
Deadline for submission will be September, 15, 2021.
ETCs in 2021
9th ERME Topic Conference planned
ETC 9 on Arithmetic and Number systems in Leeds, is planned as virtual conference on May, 12, 2021  (chaired by Judy Sayers from Leeds) with a virtual young researcher day on May, 11. More information will come soon.
The conference website is here.
YESS in August 2021
YESS 11 - YERME Summer School in Brixen in August, 23-29, 2021
We are happy to invite PhD students and post-doctoral researchers in mathematics education and others entering mathematics education research to take part in the Eleventh YERME Summer School (YESS 11). The school begins on August, 23, 2021 and finishes on August, 29, 2021 (five and a half days of work plus one intermediate half-day for excursion). The participants are required to be present during the whole 6-day summer school. We have scheduled Sunday August 22nd and Sunday August 29th for arrival-registration and for departure, respectively. The summer school will take place at the Free University of Bolzano, in Brixen (Italy).

The deadline for application was March, 17, 2021. For updated information on how to attend and register, visit the website of YESS 11.
Elections in Feb 2021
New ERME board and ERME president
On February, 2 , 2021, during the virtual general meeting of ERME, the ERME president and five ERME board members was elected by the registered attendees of the virtual event. We congratulate the following newly elected board members:
  • Carl Winsløw (Denmark) ERME president
  • Frode Rønning (Norway)
  • Eirini Geraniou (UK / Greece)
  • Katalin Gosztonyi (Hungary)
  • Zelha Tunç-Pekkan (Turkey)
  • Dilan Şahin-Gür (Germany)
And we are lucky that the following ERME board members will continue their work:
  • Ghislaine Gueudet (France)
  • Michiel Veldhuis (The Netherlands)
  • Francesca Ferrara (Italy)
  • Andreas Eichler (Germany)
  • Dorota Lembrér (Norway)
General Meeting 2021
Minutes of the general meeting on February, 2, 2021
The ERME general meeting was held virtually. The minutes can be found here.
CERME12 (in 2022)
Planning for CERME 12 in Bolzano
CERME 12, the 12th congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education will take place in Bolzano in February, 2-6, 2022 (with YERME day on February, 1).
The local chair will be Giorgio Bolondi with co-chair Federica Ferretti, the IPC chair will be Jeremy Hodgen with co-chair Eirini Geraniou. We thank the LOC for their flexibility with the dates which will hopefully allow us to organize the conference in the CERME spirit of three C's, communication, cooperation, and collaboration.
The deadline for submission of papers will hopefully be September, 15, 2021.
More information can be found on the conference website here.
CERME13 (in 2023)
Save the date for CERME 13 in Budapest
CERME 13, the 13th congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education will take place in Budapest. You can already save the date from January, 31 to February, 4, 2023 (with YERME day on January, 30).
The local chair will be Csaba Csabodi with co-chairs Ödön Vancso and Katalin Gosztonyi, the IPC chair will be Paul Drijvers, the IPC co-chair will be Hanna Palmèr.
This document calls for applications for new Thematic Working Groups, the deadline will be August, 15, 2021.