An important issue of ERME policy consists in supporting and improving the young researchers in Mathematical Education. They are organised in a specific ERME community called YERME, that is Young European Researchers in Mathematics Education, which is ruled by an elected Committee and has official representatives from the different European countries.
Two young researchers have seats in the board of ERME to represent the interest of YERME:
Dorota Lembrér, Norway (term ends in 2023) and Andrea Maffia, Italy (term ends in 2021).
Feel free to send us an e-mail if you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding the YERME, YERME day or YESS. You can get to know us on the YERME facebook page, see below.

YERME activities
Essentially, there are two main events, each recurring every two years: the YERME day, and the YERME Summer School (YESS). The former is a special two half days meeting attached to the ERME Conferences and the latter is a one week Summer School organised in those years when no ERME conference is scheduled.

Each YESS has an Organising Program Committee, which consists of a scientific coordinator, two ERME Board representatives, three YERME representatives, two Local Group Team representatives. Moreover there is a Local Organising Team.

Up to now ERME has organized the following YERME summer schools:
  • A YERME-day usually consists of a plenary from a former young researcher, who tells about life after the PhD
  • And then it consists of Working Groups and Discussion Groups
  • WGs and DGs at the YERME-DAY concern general topics of interest for young researchers, e.g.:
    • how to choose and frame "good" research questions;
    • how to prepare and analyze experimental activities;
    • how to present the performed study;
    • specific features of quantitative and qualitative studies;
    • specific features of case studies;
    • and so on.

YERME on social media: Facebook and Twitter
There is an official Facebook page for YERME activites:
Like it to get informed about updates and stay in touch with other young researchers. Please help promoting the page by inviting other young researchers in Mathematics Education to like it.
Furthermore, we set up a Twitter account with the same information, to also reach people who don't use Facebook:
We post lots of news, not only about (Y)ERME activities, but also about conferences, summer schools, open job positions and so on.