Math ed journals
Ranking of Mathematics Education Research Journals
In a joint effort, ERME and EMS have made a first attempt to define the top rank journals in mathematics education research.
Vote of Solidarity
Expression of solidarity of the General meeting to all researchers who could not participate
ERME lives for academic communication , cooperation and collaboration across borders, with participants from more than 50 countries. However, eight colleagues have not been able to participate due to political reasons: They were not allowed to leave their country due to traveling restrictions or VISA difficulties. Others have not dared to leave the US because they were afraid of being not allowed to enter anymore.
The ERME General Meeting expresses a vote of solidarity for these colleagues. We all hope that the world will come back to peace and cooperation between countries.
ERME General Meeting (in 2015)
Minutes of the ERME General Meeting 2015 in Prague
Here are the Minutes of the ERME General Meeting in February, 2015.