Election (in 2019)
Nominations for the ERME Board completed
A huge organization such as ERME requires an active ERME board for the governance of all issues of the society. The ERME board (formally: the ERME executive committee) consists of 11 board members, of which 4 have to be exchanged in February 2019. We will elect
- one new representative for the young researchers (to be elected for 4 years)
- one non-regional representative
- two regional representatives of Northern and Western Europe.
Eight candidates have been nominated. You can find more detailed information here. and all eight nominations here. The election will take place during the general meeting in Utrecht.
General Meeting (in 2019)
General Meeting and changes of the Bye-Laws, to be approved in Utrecht, The Netherlands
We hereby formally invite all members to the ERME general meeting on February, 7, 2019 in Utrecht. On the agenda will be the elections (see above) and the approval of some modifications of the bye-laws.
Some minor, technical modifications became necessary after the move of the society from the UK to France. We publish the suggested version of the bye-laws here (in French and in English) as a preparation for the general meeting.
Here are the minutes of the general meeting 2017 which have to be approved in February 2019.
CERME 11 (in 2019)
Next CERME in Utrecht, The Netherlands
CERME 11 (in 2019) will take place in Utrecht in the Netherlands in February, 5-10, 2019. Nearly 600 papers and 190 posters have been accepted!! Please, be aware that only 850 participants will be admitted.
Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen is the local chair and Michiel Veldhuis her local-co-chair. Uffe Thomas Jankvist is the next IPC chair, Miguel Ribeiro his co-chair. The CERME 11 Homepage can be found here.
Workshops (in 2019)
International workshops for emerging communities in Croatia and Serbia supported by ERME fund
Supported by the ERME fund for emerging math ed communities, two international workshop will take place:
-The first workshop will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, Jan. 24-25, 2019. Its title is "Enhancing connections in mathematics education, to and across university mathematics". More information can be found here.
-The second workshop on Research on Mathematics Education will take place in Belgrad, Serbia, on May, 10-11, 2019. It is organised in collaboration with the Mathematical Society in Serbia. More information can be found here. The registration form must be completed before the deadline in March, 1, 2019, it can be found here. The template for the abstracts / papers is here.
ETC 4, 5 and 6 (in 2018)
Proceedings of ETC 4, ETC 5, and ETC 6 have been published
- The Proceedings of ETC4, the 4th ERME Topic Conference entitled 'Classroom-based research on mathematics and language' in Dresden can be downloaded here.
- The Proceedings of ETC5, the 5th ERME Topic Conference entitled 'Mathematics Education in the Digital Age' in Copenhagen can be downloaded here.
- The Proceedings of ETC6, the Sixth ERME Topic Conference entitled INDRUM 2018 in Kristiansand can be downloaded here.
ERME 20th Birthday (Aug 2018)
ERME 20 Year Book appeared on the occasion of the 20th birthday - Free access for 60 days
After three years of preparation, the book documenting 20 years of ERME research has appeared:
Dreyfus, T., Artigue, M., Potari, D., Prediger, S. & Ruthven, K. (Eds..) (2018). Developing Research in Mathematics Education - Twenty Years of Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration in Europe. Oxon: Routledge.
The book chapters have been written by experienced ERME researchers and have been discussed by all CERME participants in 2017. The ERME community thanks all authors and editors, especially Tommy Dreyfus for taking the lead on a huge, joint enterprise!
On the occasion of the 20th Birthday, free online access is granted for 60 days: Here is a link for free online access without print until October 2018.