General Meeting 2015
Minutes of the ERME General Meeting in February 2015
Here are the minutes of the general meeting held in Prague during CERME 9.
ERME Board 2015
Elections for the ERME Board in February 2015
During the ERME general meeting in Prague in February 2015, three new board members have been elected. We congratulate Konstantinos Tatsis (Non-Regional Representative), Edyta Novinska (Eastern European Regional Representative), and Mustafa Alpaslan (Representative of the Young Researcher) for their new responsibility in the board.
ERME Topic Conferences 2016
Call for applications for ERME Topic Conferences until March, 31, 2015
A new type of conferences will be installed from 2016 on, so-called ERME Topic Conferences (see here for further information).
Experienced leaders of CERME Thematic Working Groups are invited to submit an application for organizing an ERME Topic Conference that meets the proposed rules. Informal applications are to be sent to the ERME president, Viviane Durand-Guerrier until March, 31, 2015.
CERME 9 (in 2015)
CERME 9 closed in Prague
The Eighth Congress of ERME is closed in Prague, Czech Republic, on February, 8, 2015. The whole ERME community is grateful for the wonderful organization, the well structured procedures, the excellent food and many many inspiring inputs and conversations. A special thanks goes to the local chairs, Nada Vondrova and Jarmila Novotna as well as to the IPC chair Konrad Krainer and his co-chair Uffe Thomas Jankvist. See conference website for the program and the slides of all plenaries and panels.
YESS 8 (in 2016)
Next YESS in Poděbrady, Aug. 13-20, 2016
The next Summer School will be held in Poděbrady, Czech Republic in Aug. 13-20, 2016. See the flyer for more information.
CERME 10 (in 2017)
Next CERME in Dublin, Feb, 1-5, 2017
The next congress, CERME 10, will take place in Dublin, Ireland in February, 1-5, 2017. We are looking forward to this occasion! The local chair will be Therese Dooley, with her co-chair Maurice O’Reilly.
The program chair will be Ghislaine Gueudet (France).