CERME12 (in 2021)
Call for new TWGs
After CERME 11 has been closed in lovely Utrecht with all the wonderful experiences, we start to prepare for CERME 12 in Bolzano on February, 3-7, 2021. The local chair will be Giorgio Bolondi with co-chair Federica Ferretti, the IPC chair will be Jeremy Hodgen with co-chair Eirini Geraniou.
We call for applications for up to three new working groups, you can find it here. The proposals must be submitted until April, 20, 2019.
ETCs (in 2020)
Call for new ERME Topic Conferences
TWG leaders and co-leaders can apply for Organizing an ERME Topic Conference in 2020. ERME Topic Conferences (ETC) are conferences organised on a specific research theme or themes related to the work of ERME as presented in associated working groups at CERME conferences. Their aim is to extend the work of the group or groups in specific directions with clear value to the mathematics education research community.
We call for applications for up to three new working groups, you can find it here. The proposals should follow the prescribed format and be submitted until April 5, 2019.
CERME 11 (in 2019)
CERME in Utrecht is closed
CERME 11 (in 2019) has taken place in Utrecht in February, 5-10, 2019. With 929 participants, nearly 600 papers and 150 posters, it was the largest CERME ever.
We are grateful to the marvellous organization of Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen and Michiel Veldhuis as the local chairs and Uffe Thomas Jankvist and Miguel Ribeiro as IPC chairs! The CERME 11 Homepage can be found here.
In Memoriam (in 2019)
Ros Sutherland deceased
In January 2019, Rosamund Sutherland passed away on Saturday 26 January 2019 due to a terrible cancer.
Im Memoriam, we publish the obituary written by her colleagues. You can find it here.
General Meeting (in 2019)
General Meeting and Elections to the ERME board
The ERME general meeting took place on February, 7, 2019 in Utrecht, the meeting especially approved the changes of the new version of the bye-laws (in French and in English).
We congratulate four new members who were elected for the ERME board:
  • Francesca Ferrara (Italy)
  • Michiel Veldhuis (The Netherlands)
  • Uffe Jankvist (Denmark)
  • Dorota Lembrér (Norway) Representative of YERME

  • Here are the minutes of the general meeting 2019.
    Workshops (in 2019)
    International workshops for emerging communities in Croatia and Serbia supported by ERME fund
    Supported by the ERME fund for emerging math ed communities, the workshop on Research on Mathematics Education will take place in Belgrad, Serbia, on May, 10-11, 2019. It is organised in collaboration with the Mathematical Society in Serbia. More information can be found here. The registration form must be completed before the deadline in March, 1, 2019, it can be found here. The template for the abstracts / papers is here.
    ETC 4, 5 and 6 (in 2018)
    Proceedings of ETC 4, ETC 5, and ETC 6 have been published
    - The Proceedings of ETC4, the 4th ERME Topic Conference entitled 'Classroom-based research on mathematics and language' in Dresden can be downloaded here.
    - The Proceedings of ETC5, the 5th ERME Topic Conference entitled 'Mathematics Education in the Digital Age' in Copenhagen can be downloaded here.
    - The Proceedings of ETC6, the Sixth ERME Topic Conference entitled INDRUM 2018 in Kristiansand can be downloaded here.
    ERME 20th Birthday (Aug 2018)
    ERME 20 Year Book appeared on the occasion of the 20th birthday - Free access for 60 days
    After three years of preparation, the book documenting 20 years of ERME research has appeared:
    Dreyfus, T., Artigue, M., Potari, D., Prediger, S. & Ruthven, K. (Eds.) (2018). Developing Research in Mathematics Education - Twenty Years of Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration in Europe. Oxon: Routledge.
    The book chapters have been written by experienced ERME researchers and have been discussed by all CERME participants in 2017. The ERME community thanks all authors and editors, especially Tommy Dreyfus for taking the lead on a huge, joint enterprise!
    On the occasion of the 20th Birthday, free online access is granted for 60 days: Here is a link for a temporary free online access without print.