ERME Board 2015
Nominations for the ERME Board Elections in February 2015 closed
During the ERME general meeting in Prague in February 2015, we will elect three new ERME board members: one representative of the young researchers, one representative of Eastern Europe and one non-regional representative. More detailed information is given in this file. Six persons interested in being elected have applied before December, 31, 2014. Please, read their nominations.
ERME Topic Conferences 2016
Proposal for installing ERME Topic Conferences and Call for applications until January, 25, 2015
The ERME Board will submit a proposal to the general meeting of ERME in February 2015 to install ERME Topic Conferences from 2016 on. See this file for further information.
Experienced leaders of CERME Thematic Working Groups are invited to submit an application for organizing an ERME Topic Conference that meets the proposed rules. Informal applications are to be sent to the ERME president, Viviane Durand-Guerrier until January, 25, 2015. Provided that the general meeting accepts the general proposal, the ERME Board will decide about the submitted applications within 14 days.
CERME 9 (in 2015)
Next Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.
The next Congress of ERME will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, February, 4-8, 2015. Local chair will be Nada Vondrova. Program Chair will be Konrad Krainer. See conference website for the second announcement with the list of plenaries and thematic working groups. Deadline for paper submission was September, 15.
Proceedings of CERME8
Published proceedings
The proceedings of CERME 8 in Antalya have appeared with more than 3000 pages! We thank the editors, Behiye Ubuz, Cigdem Haser, and Maria Alessandra Mariotti, and also all working group leaders and authors for their work! Here are the proceedings (with 66 MB).
Math ed journals
Ranking of Mathematics Education Research Journals
In a joint effort, ERME and EMS have made a first attempt to define the top rank journals in mathematics education research.