Obituary for Manfred W. Mueller    1936-2006
Manfred Mueller died on May 23rd, 2006, after a long illness. Our hope
for recovery after his treatment, unfortunately, did not come true. He
is survived by his wife Marianne. Many colleagues, friends and former
students share her deep mourning.
Manfred Mueller was born in Pisek in the Czechoslovak Republic on July
6, 1936. After his study of mathematics, physics, and philosophy at
the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart, he graduated in 1961 and
completed the final state examination for secondary school teachers in
1963. Under guidance of his thesis adviser Werner Meyer-Koenig, he
continued his academic career at the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart
and received his doctoral degree in 1967. After his habilitation in
1970, he accepted the call to the University of Dortmund, where he was
appointed Chair of Approximation Theory in 1973. In 1996, he was
awarded the honorary doctorate (Dr. h.c.) by the Universitatea "Lucian
Blaga" Sibiu in Romania.
Manfred Mueller's scientific work extends over more than 3 decades and
enjoys high international recognition. His publications mostly concern
the area of approximation theory.
He considered, in particular, the approximation of functions by
positive linear operators, including saturation, simultaneous
approximation, and global theorems for weighted and unweighted
approximation. Notably, the introduction and investigation of Gamma
operators has lead to long-lasting international cooperation with Dany
Leviatan and Alexandru Lupas. Since 1995, he organized three
international conferences, known to his colleagues as "Bommerholz"
Manfred Mueller devoted a great part of his time to teaching
mathematics to students at all levels. His book
"Approximationstheorie" has accompanied many generations of students.
He had a great talent to inspire his students and was a dedicated
tutor to his diploma students and postgraduates. Several of his
students advanced to professor positions in universities and leading
positions in industry. His unfailing kindness and courtesy will be
remembered by his colleagues and students.
(posted in AT-NET BULLETIN NO. 136, 5.12.2006, by Margareta Heilmann
and Joachim Stoeckler)